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  • Memories of Alex North

    Memories of Alex North

    por Rubén Franco | 18 septiembre, 2019 | EspecialesOtros

    TAMBIÉN PUEDES LEER ESTE ESPECIAL EN ESPAÑOL! Alex North is one of those unique composers. You could tell me that’s not something new and that I say that a lot. Let me explain myself and you will understand. When Hollywood was asking for symphonic and…

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  • Tribute to Joel Goldsmith

    Tribute to Joel Goldsmith

    por Rubén Franco | 27 mayo, 2018 | EspecialesOtros

    When you only had access to music shops in town (except you had discovered Rosebud in Valencia or Discos Vinilo in Madrid), buying your favorite composers soundtracks was almost Mission: Impossible for any fan in the 90s. Finding Jurassic Park, Schindl…

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  • Tribute to James Horner (1953-2015)

    Tribute to James Horner (1953-2015)

    por Braulio Fdez. | 5 julio, 2015 | EspecialesOtros

    The 80s and 90s were his golden decades and no genre escaped him:  science fiction (Star Trek II and III, Cocoon), fantasy (Willow, Krull), thriller and action movies (48 Hrs, Commando), epic and adventure (Braveheart, The mask of Zorro), drama (The ma…

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  • Remembering Elmer: A Special Tribute

    Remembering Elmer: A Special Tribute

    por Rubén Franco | 31 agosto, 2014 | EspecialesOtros

    You can find here our original Spanish version of this article: RECORDANDO A ELMER: Un Tributo Especial Randall D. Larson Daniel Tarrab Edwin Wendler Lisandro Rodríguez Germán Barón Felipe Múgica Octavio López Jorge Godoy Antonio Miranda Ignacio Garrid…

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  • Kamen, You’re the One (English)

    Kamen, You’re the One (English)

    por Rubén Franco | 22 diciembre, 2013 | EspecialesApuntes

    A whole month devoted as a tribute to the great Michael Kamen on our website, AsturScore. One month for one of the greatest composers in Film Music. An artist. A musician. A person overflowing sympathy, humanity and love. All signs of love for his musi…

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