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  • Tribute to Joel Goldsmith

    Tribute to Joel Goldsmith

    por Rubén Franco | 27 mayo, 2018 | EspecialesOtros

    When you only had access to music shops in town (except you had discovered Rosebud in Valencia or Discos Vinilo in Madrid), buying your favorite composers soundtracks was almost Mission: Impossible for any fan in the 90s. Finding Jurassic Park, Schindl…

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  • Interview: Godwin Borg

    Interview: Godwin Borg

    por Óscar Salazar | 13 enero, 2018 | EspecialesEntrevistas

    TAMBIÉN PUEDES LEER ESTA ENTREVISTA EN ESPAÑOL! I first met Godwin Borg in Úbeda in the summer of 2006, just minutes before he experienced one of his most cherished memories: shaking hands and chatting with his idol Basil Poledouris. We met on and off…

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  • Interview: Atli Örvarsson

    Interview: Atli Örvarsson

    por Rubén Franco | 23 diciembre, 2017 | EspecialesEntrevistas

    Inspire, expire… It is not my first interview, but I am quite nervous. My colleagues from AsturScore could not make it to Canary Islands and here I am. Alone. Facing an interview in a language that is not mine. “Relax, there’s no problem” my girlfriend…

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    por Óscar Salazar | 9 abril, 2017 | EspecialesEntrevistas

    TAMBIÉN PUEDES LEER ESTA ENTREVISTA EN ESPAÑOL! Simians & Serialism is a book like no other. Not only in scope and depth, but also in content and meaning. It is not a book which drinks from other books, as we are used to in recent times, nor just s…

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  • Memories of Basil Poledouris

    Memories of Basil Poledouris

    por Braulio Fdez. | 8 noviembre, 2016 | EspecialesOtros

    TAMBIÉN PUEDES LEER ESTA ENTREVISTA EN ESPAÑOL! Basil Poledouris passed away in November 2006. For film music aficionados born or growing up during the eighties, one of the greatest composers. And for many other people. This man, with the same name of…

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