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  • Elia Cmiral Interview

    Elia Cmiral Interview

    por Rubén Franco | 3 abril, 2012 | EspecialesEntrevistas

    ESTA ENTREVISTA TAMBIEN ESTA TRADUCIDA AL ESPAÑOL… ¡Léela! Hi Elia. First of all, in the name of all the members of Asturscore, we’d like to thank you for your time to give us this interview. And now… the questions…. 1) What’s your first memory about…

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  • The Hitcher

    The Hitcher

    por Rubén Franco | 18 noviembre, 2011 | AnálisisOtros

    Durante mi infancia (década de los 80) me nutrí del videoclub, alquilando Beta y VHS por doquier, y grabando todas aquellas películas que iban echando por la televisión (primero por las televisión pública española, y luego por el resto de cadenas). De…

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  • First Contact: Cliff Martinez “Drive”

    First Contact: Cliff Martinez “Drive”

    por Rubén Franco | 19 septiembre, 2011 | EspecialesApuntes

    CONTENIDO ORIGINAL EN ESPAÑOL… Check it out! There is no doubt  about the the Cliff Martinez’s style; he has his own mark, his own peculiar and fantastic sound, truly immersive and evocative, with a touch between atmospheric and environmental (his fa…

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  • Mark Isham – Part 1 (English)

    Mark Isham – Part 1 (English)

    por Rubén Franco | 18 junio, 2011 | EspecialesOtros

    It’s always a total pleasure to take refuge in the music of one of the greatest musical legends that are still active (and continues going strong) writing his name louder than ever. Mark Isham is a musician, a genius capable of surprising us with a bri…

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