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  • Memories of Basil Poledouris

    Memories of Basil Poledouris

    por Braulio Fdez. | 8 noviembre, 2016 | EspecialesOtros

    TAMBIÉN PUEDES LEER ESTA ENTREVISTA EN ESPAÑOL! Basil Poledouris passed away in November 2006. For film music aficionados born or growing up during the eighties, one of the greatest composers. And for many other people. This man, with the same name of…

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  • Remembering Elmer: A Special Tribute

    Remembering Elmer: A Special Tribute

    por Rubén Franco | 31 agosto, 2014 | EspecialesOtros

    You can find here our original Spanish version of this article: RECORDANDO A ELMER: Un Tributo Especial Randall D. Larson Daniel Tarrab Edwin Wendler Lisandro Rodríguez Germán Barón Felipe Múgica Octavio López Jorge Godoy Antonio Miranda Ignacio Garrid…

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  • Memories of Michael Kamen

    Memories of Michael Kamen

    por Rubén Franco | 25 noviembre, 2013 | EspecialesOtros

    When we talk about Michael Kamen I always think of somebody passionate, somebody who loved music, and loved what he did, and impressed passion in every work. And I think that musical passion is the link that joins us in this tribute for someone who has…

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